Monday, July 5, 2010

You Are Supporters of Illegal Immigration

People don't seem to know that one of the biggest supporters of illegal immigration are slaughterhouses.
Most of their employees are illegal immigrants. They are vulnerable. They need fast money to feed their families. And they will do anything to get it. Even if it involves the most unsanitary conditions. They will often except any amount of pay.
The sad thing is that they are stuck in a constant state of poverty. They usually only have enough money to pay for food and pay the rent for the cheapest house (shack) they can find. They will never move up and out of this cycle. It is almost impossible. They can not get another job, they can not afford better conditions.
They often get sick or injured in this business, and usually can not pay for health care. Another sad thing is they still have work so they can pay "the bills." They have no benefits, they just have the job, and hope that is hopeless.
You can stop contributing to this sad cycle by not eating meat from slaughterhouses. This doesn't mean you have to stop eating meat, you can eat it if it is free-range. Free-Range means that the animals are not raised in cages, they are free to roam around. It is also a lot healthier, there are no chemicals, less fat, and there are no fecies (unlike meat that comes from slaughterhouses).
To contribute or not to contribute, that is the question? It is you choice. I was only doing my job, which is to tell the truth, to tell you the facts.

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